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Today's technology helps us to work, play, organize, shop and communicate as never before.  But when there is a problem it seems like the world comes to a halt.  I can help!  Here are some of the additional services I offer to help keep your digital world running smoothly:

New PC Setup  Quick Clean Systems Analysis Tape to Digital Transfer
Backing Up Your Data Deep Clean Setup Peripherals Social Marketing
Tune-ups File Transfers Photography and Video Document Digitalization
Smartphones and Tablets
  • New PC Setup 

    Have you just purchased a new PC or are planning to? Are you unsure how to set it up or simply don't have the time?  Setting up that new computer is more involved than what you think. I remove any trial software that you wish to have removed.  I also install peripherals like printers and external drives. Many times the software (driver) that your peripherals do not work on a new system. I will locate the correct drivers to make sure these devices  give their best.  I can transfer your files from your old computer, (this includes internet sites you have bookmarked) from your old computer to your new one. Unlike the chain stores, I ask you what kinds of things you did on the computer. That helps me to search for your data. Don't loose family photos or financial data because the store tech looks only in "standard" places.


    If you are not sure what your needs are, I can go shopping with you for your new system.  The sales staff will not be able to dazzle and confuse me causing you to purchase more than you need or overpay for your new system.  

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  • Backing Up Your Data

    What's more stressful than the moment just after you delete the wrong file, drop your smartphone in the lake, or hear a really unusual sound coming from your computer's hard drive? Each year, 43 percent of computer users lose their music, photos, documents, and more (PC World 2010).  Remember, it is not a question of IF a hard drive will fail but WHEN. A hard drive or other computer failure could cause you to lose those important documents and pictures of those special moments that could never be replaced. Don't let this happen to you or your business. Backing up these documents and pictures can protect you against this event.

    I can help!  Working together we will select the best back up solution based on YOUR needs. First I will see what kind, how much and the size of your data. We will also talk about how often you make changes or add things. Then I will recommend either online or local back ups. I will recommend any equipment needed. I can pick up the equipment if that is more convenient for you. I will set up your back up system and it's schedule. I will also make the first back up and make sure it is good.

    Or if you like, we can schedule regular times for me to back your system up for you.

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  • Tune-ups
    Designed to keep your computer running at peak performance. As part of a tune-up I will check your security software and settings to make help keep you safe.  Then, I’ll give you a full report and any recommendations. Regular tune-ups can detect and help fix many issues before they become problems.

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  • Quick Clean
    Running out of room on your computer? This service removes the most commonly accumulated  "junk" files on your hard drive. This includes cookies and internet cache files. Also I will talk with you and list any programs that are not being used. Then I will remove any you no longer want.
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  • Deep Clean
    Deep Clean combines the tune-up and quick clean. In addition I will search for parts of software that may be left behind when a program is uninstalled. I will back up your data and then work with you to delete old files you no longer want quick access to. I will also open the computer case and remove dust and debris as needed. This helps keep the computer cooler and helps avoid damage.
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  • File Transfers
    Got a new computer and need your old files put on it? I can help! I can transfer data from one hard drive to another. Even if the old computer won't start.
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  • Systems Analysis
    Helping you plan your future computer and software needs as well as getting the most out of your current computer.
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  • Setup Peripherals
    Got a new printer, scanner or camera? I can help set these and other peripheral devices up on your system. I will also make sure they are configured for your needs.
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  • Photography and Video
    I can take high resolution professional photos at your location. These photos can be used as part of a web site or for display. Digital videos can be great for training. Or use them to display a craft for sale.  Use them on your web site, YouTube or as part of a display at meetings and tradeshows.

    I can also help you to take get the best results from your digital camera or video camera. This includes digital photography lessons.
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  • Tape to Digital Transfer
    Are your home movies on VHS tape? Having trouble finding a tape player these days? Don't loose those precious memories. I can help! I can transfer your old VHS tapes to digital format on DVD.
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  • Social Marketing
    I can help you to leverage the power of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media for your business, club or organization.
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  • Document Digitalization
    The space required to store paper documents can be a problem. Digital copies take up little physical space.  Incase of an emergency like a hurricane you want copies of your important and documents handy and portable.  I can put your important documents into digital form such as Adobe Acrobat. Or if you prefer, the do it yourself method, I can get you set up and teach you how.  Store your documents on DVD or flash drives. A popular choice is my Hurricane Disaster Archive (HDA). The HDA combines digital copies of important documents, video walk-through, photograpsof valuables and big ticket items with scales, list preparation and more. Or if you prefer I can teach you how to prepare the HDA and help you to know what to store in it. Then in an emergency you can have a copy of important papers right in your pocket.
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  • Smartphones and Tablets
    I can help you setup and organize your smartphone or tablet I can also help you to choose apps to help you communicate, work and have fun.
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