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Memoli Computer Consulting Memoli Computer Consulting
Your Concierge Computer Consultant

Software / Hardware / Internet Instruction, Set-Up, Problem Solving, & Custom Web Design

Personal service is back!  Concierge computer service means you get custom, friendly, caring, patient and private service. The big box stores like Best Buy and Staples use their tech support departments as a sales force. And many of them are insufficiently trained and impersonal. Solutions are from a "scripted" book and don't take your particular needs and wants in consideration. I hold a computer degree and I am a believer in continuing education. I have clients instead of customers and feel every solution must be customized to their needs. This type of relationship will also give you a caring person who is available to you whenever you need him. I routinely send alerts on possible threats and problems you may encounter.

It's like having your own private IT Department ready to support you!

Technology is a huge part of today's world. It is great when it works, but when there are problems you need someone reliable to fix it quickly. This is where I can help!  Besides troubleshooting and repair, I also offer training and can help you to make better use of your technology.

Viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, rogue anti-virus programs; these are just some of the computer annoyances that can halt your computer. Some can damage your data. Others steal personal information or turn your computer into a zombie, spewing spam email. Many of these threats are difficult to remove on your own. I can help!

With over 17 years of experience in on-site computer repair, training, wireless networks, virus removal, diagnostics, email solutions & maintenance .  I can help with PCs, Tablets and Smartphones  too!

Services are done on your premises to maximize convenience and privacy. That's right, you don't have to worry about your information being copied by store employees for their own use. We have all seen to many of those news reports.

I also provide custom web site design. My experience working with business and home users gives me insight into setting up web sites that grab interest.

Call or email Michael for help today. 239-994-5230 or
Special note: strong>Dontavis E is the adopted son of a friend of mine. He has several disabilities but has come an amazing way since being with Dori and her family. He has been nomiated to recieve an adaptive bicycle. Please follow this link and vote for him to recieve this bike. (Donations to the give a kid a bike fund is optional but appreciated)
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