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Michael Memoli
Your Concierge Computer Consultant
Got a Computer?
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Software / Hardware / Internet Instruction, Set-Up, Problem Solving, & Custom Web Design

These days, everyone needs a computer. Whether you use it to keep in touch with friends, explore the world, write the Great American Novel, or go shopping, it’s almost impossible without a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do. Why spend hours trying to figure it out on your own, just scratching the surface? Why not sit down with a trainer for an hour or two, and cut your learning curve down to nothing?

I offer Private, Customized Lessons to help you get the most from your computer and the Internet. I focus on your computer wants and needs. Learn in your home or business on your computer. You “drive” the mouse, while we explain what to do and guide you to do it yourself. Nothing beats learning by doing.  We can also help you with projects for your office, church, or small business. If we sit next to you while you work, we’ll save you hours of time. Personal training is available in your home or office. on your system with your software so you can work when I'm not there.

In a regular class with many people, there is a set range of topics, and everybody has to learn about them, whether or not they are actually personally needed.  Also there are times when you are embarrassed to ask a question because you think everyone already knows the answer. The advantage to my one-to-one lessons is the training is tailored to your needs and level of experience and any question is welcome

Information is Power! Michael Memoli, your concierge computer consultant
is here to empower you!
Unlock the POWER of your PC.
 Do you want to use your computer
to do more than just play games?
How about:
  •  Personal or business correspondence
  •  Send & receive e-mail world wide.
  •  Edit and send photos and videos
  • Balance your check book
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Send personalized mail merge.
  • Create flyers and cards
  • Organize and track your investments
  • Help your children get better grades in school
  • Create a great resume for a better  job
  • Plan a family vacation
  • Write an award winning novel
  • Navigate and search the Internet
  • Have your own website
  • Find information
  • Start your own business
  • Get maps and directions
  • Tablets and Smartphones
There is so much more your
computer can help you do...
Call or email Michael to set up a time for your lesson. 239-994-5230 or
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