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I provide computer system upgrades for home and business computers. Does your computer need to be upgraded? Adding more memory can help your computer run better. Starting to run out of room to store your documents and pictures? A new hard drive is the answer. (And yes I can transfer your files to the new drive.) Maybe your current network is causing a bottleneck. These are just some of the common upgrades I can help with.

I can help you install new equipment, components or software to make your computer run better, faster and better serve your needs. Bring new life to a tired system. I don't simply open the box and install a new component, I also configure your system to take advantage of the new equipment and to best work for YOU. I also take the time to show you how your upgrade works and how you can use it.

There are any number of upgrade options available for computers, getting the correct type or configuration of a part for your system will not only save you time and effort, but can also save you money. I can help by assisting you in determining the right part for your system insuring that your upgrade is completed correctly the first time.

Give me call and see what be can done for your system!
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