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Want or need a web site? From ecommerce to informational; business, clubs, organizations, events or personal; a web site is a must today. Many times it creates a first impression of you.  Many companies have you select from some templates, fill in the blanks and you get a canned web site that looks like everyone else's.  Wouldn't it be better to have a site that reflects yours and you companies personality?  Don't you want to have some input into what you get? shouldn't your web site be unique? Don't you want a designer who takes a personal interest in you and your web site?
I can help! Custom web design helps you to stick out from the crowd. My first step is to LISTEN to you.  Together we plan your web sites theme and focus. Then a custom design is prepared for you. I can provide photography services, and programming to make your web site distinctive. My years of training people to use the Internet gives me insight into what holds peoples attention.  I go over the unseen parts of your website that helps the search engines list you. After optimizing your web site for search engines,  I submit you to the most powerful search engine databases.
Already have a web site.  Over time the information on it may need to be updated. Or you may no longer be happy with it's look. Styles change and no one wants to look stale or dated.   From minor changes to complete overhauls, I can help!
I can help with marketing your site. From SEO and social marketing to QR smartphone scanner codes for your printed materials and signs.
A domain name is the address your to a web site (mine is  Don't have a domain name? Not sure if the name you want is available? I can help you search, choose and get one. I work with my clients to help avoid future issues with their domain name registration.
I can also help you set-up web hosting. Web hosting is like renting a building for a store or office. I can help you to choose the best plan for your needs. (Please note, I liked them so much I have become an affiliate of them.)  
Call or email Michael for to start your custom web site design. 239-994-5230 or
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