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Computer networks allow multiple computers to share information. For example: At work you may share a database, spreadsheet, or report. At home you might also share movies, photos and letters. Share printers and scanners too. Networks connect us to high speed internet like DSL or cable. With a wireless network your laptop is no longer chained to the desk while connected. Also with wireless, visiting friends and family can get onto the internet with out using your computer. Many tablets, Smartphones and book readers can use your wireless network while at home. That saves on those costly data overage charges we all hate.

I can help with networking by:
  • Set up the best network and networking hardware for YOUR needs.
  • Solve network and connection problems
  • Set up wireless
  • Secure your wireless (prevent people from using your internet connection or getting into your computer without permission.)
  • Upgrade to a gigabit systems to speed up wired connections
  • Upgrade your router and network hardware to take advantage of the new higher speeds and range
  • Set up and configure firewalls to keep out intruders but still allow you to do the things you want.
  • Set up shared or networked printers / scanners (allow multiple computers to use same printer / scanner)
  • Teach you to share folders, data, video and more on your network
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